Three-in-One Wireless Charger

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Introducing the Three-in-One Wireless Charger – a revolutionary device designed to charge multiple gadgets simultaneously. This high-quality charger combines style and functionality with a specular glass charging panel, aluminum alloy frame, and ergonomic design. Its sleek aesthetics are complemented by its functional design, featuring a 60-degree tilted angle for comfortable screen viewing. The Three-in-One Charger is equipped with dual coils and a large induction range, ensuring efficient and safe charging.

To prevent any slipping, the silicone mat on the bottom provides added stability. An LED indicator light keeps you informed about the charging status, and Foreign Object Detection (FOD) is there to alert you to any external interference. A high-performance centrifugal fan automatically activates during rapid charging to prevent overheating, complete with adjustable speeds for your convenience.

Multiple safeguards are in place to protect your devices from potential damage, making this powerful charger both convenient and secure. The Three-in-One Wireless Charger is the ideal choice for all your device-charging needs, offering ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

Package Includes: 1x Charger

Vendor TrendWave
Color Black
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